Beat the Winter Blues

Winter Essentials Bundle

Say goodbye to dry, suffering skin and hello to skincare made easy.

The season of traveling, new year’s resolutions and crazy schedules is upon us. We’re making life a little easier with our Winter Essentials Face Mask Bundle.

Workout Warrior

Workout Warrior is a gym-bag essential this winter. Grapefruit extract can be the workout your face needs to leave your skin toned and revitalized after a sweat session. Rich in Vitamins A, C and E, this mask promotes cellular health, reduces the risk of infections and acts as an antiseptic for your skin. Apply to get the ick out after your workout!

Quantity: 2 Face Masks

Late Night Socialite

Late Night Socialite is your collagen-boosting face mask miracle. With holiday parties and family gatherings in full effect, late nights are bound to happen. Made with jojoba seed oil to help stimulate natural collagen production, calm irritation and moisturize your skin, this face mask will help your skin bounce back. Up all night, glow all day!

Quantity: 2 Face Masks

Breakout Beauty

Breakout Beauty helps you break through acne flair-ups without missing a beat. Whether it’s the cold winds or the negative effects of central heating, many of us notice our skin reacting to changing seasons. Our formula contains Tea Tree Extract to remove bacteria, reduce swelling and tame irritation. Tame your blemishes, reveal your beauty.

Quantity: 2 Face Masks

TOTAL: $18.00 (FREE Shipping included)
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