Your Perfect Big Day Glow

Bridal Essentials Bundle

Your perfect day. Your romantic honeymoon. Your best skin.

Every bride deserves to glow! Get your skin ready for the best day of your life and KEEP it radiant throughout your honeymoon with Reason Y’s Bridal Essentials Face Mask Bundle.

Big Day Diva

Big Day Diva is your ticket to picture-perfect skin. Our formula contains honeysuckle flower extract to relieve blemishes and moisturize your skin. Apply as needed leading up to your big day for that unmistakable bridal glow.

Quantity: 2 Face Masks

Jet Setter

Jet Setter is a carry-on essential as you head to your honeymoon. Glacial and sea water complex help you fight the dehydrating effects of cabin-pressure, restore your glow and hydrate your skin. Apply in-flight or once you arrive to your fabulous destination for an irresistible look.

Quantity: 2 Face Masks

Sun Goddess

Sun Goddess contains aloe vera extract, a centuries-old remedy for redness and irritation. Our formula helps heal any accidental sunburns and reduce flaky, dry skin. Use your favorite sunscreen, enjoy sunbathing with your partner, then apply after you’re done to soothe and cool your sun-kissed skin. Bonus - it also helps fight fine lines so you can take your time growing old together.

Quantity: 2 Face Masks

TOTAL: $18.00 (FREE Shipping included)
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